Depending on the size and scope of your project, 99% of the projects are uploaded the same day if the project is received by noon of that day. We will notify you if more time is needed to complete a job.

For files under 10MB, you can email them directly to service@reprox-press.com. For file size larger than 10MB we recommend using our FTP site. Please click here for instructions.

It depends on the volume you do with us but since we are a family owned company, we offer competitive rates without sacrificing service or quality. Please contact Teresa Le for more information at teresal@reprox-press.com or 714.656.5702.


Your data are located on BidMail Corporate database as well as locally at our offices and has a redundancy back-up system. If your internet goes down , you can call or walk into our offices to have your documents printed or deliver to your team members.


BidMail is NOT a company, it is document management platform. Think of BidMail like Microsoft Windows. Many computer makers offer Microsoft Windows with their computer but your experience with that computer depends on the hardware that is running on the Windows platform.

At Repro X-Press, we specialize in BidMail. Our people are trained and have worked with the developers of BidMail. BidMail is the best system for document management and distribution in the construction industry today, but your experience is only as good as the people behind the system.

Repro X-Press publishes online image documents in a standard format. Often this requires a manual conversion from the original file format. We employ reasonable care in the conversion process; however, please be aware of the possibility of discrepancies that could arise during the conversion process. Repro X-Press advises our clients to review their documents either with an initial hard copy order or online before placing distribution orders to their customers.

  1. Open a BidMail Application
  2. Use a Login that has "Administrative Rights"
  3. Select:  Administration > System > Preferred Default Printer
  4. Click the "?" next to the "Default Printer" box
  5. Find & Select "CA - Montebello - Repro X-Press"
  6. Click "Save"


The General Contractor must invite and send you an ITB (Invitation to Bid) from BidMail for you to have access to the project. The ITB will contain your fax number which is the User Name and a Password that will give you access to the project which you were invited to bid.

You can download the plans and upload it to Repro X-Press FTP site for printing. Please call our associates at 866.364.8569 for more information.